Day 12

Talk about #ArmorUp my sweet friend and inspiration Barb stopped by to give me strength. She’s on day 101 and doing fantastic. I needed to see her today. Today was tough and I felt too weak to do much. I did walk a mind and half but needed to rest after that. Barb reminds me daily that so many miracles happen here and I too will be one of them. Thanks for your prayers and support and please please if you do nothing else #ArnorUp and take care of yourself.

Day 11

Day 11.
Long night. Lots of nausea and Gabriel didn’t want to talk to me today. But he’s having fun with daddy.
I’m at the hospital all day with more immunosuppressants and possibly more platelets needed. Could be another long day. Still feel so blessed. Don’t forget to #ArmorUp and it’s day 11 of the #100DayChallenge

Day 9 of my new life

Good evening everyone. I’m going my best to post updates on clean eating AND armor up. If for some reason you don’t see an update then always check out and sign up. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Today was so special because Cesar surprised Gabriel at school and waved to me on camera.


Transplant updates

Good morning everyone.
If you can’t see a lot of updates. I’m juggling to update all my sites.

Please check out
I plan to keep up this site and use it now and down the road for clean eating but this new site developed by friends is full of organized updates.
Thanks for going on this journey with me. It means so much.

My sister. My world.

Sisters!! Love you Lisa

Day 5.

Rise and shine.
Please join the 100 day challenge and surround me with positive stories to keep my spirits up while my 100 days are tough.

Last night they had to hospitalize me because I was so sick from the intense chemo and other drugs that i couldn’t keep anything down. They had to push me home in a wheel chair throwing up and the night got worse. Key medicines i have to take to suppress my immune susterin to make way for Lisa Hernandez Scarbrough wouldn’t stay down nor the antibiotic needed to fight infections that pop up since they have wiped my immune system out. They admitted me and gave my meds IV and other drugs to stop me from getting sick.

Today I start more meds. Cellcept, tacro, (suppresses immune systems) and growth factor shots in my stomach that make my counts come back. It’s a lot of meds to keep down w nausea.

Stay strong everyone. I can do this. It’s just more hurdles put in my path but I will overcome it and win. I have too much support. Thank you for your love and prayers. Please #ArmorUp and take care of your help. You want to be strong if you have to fight something like this!!

Get out and enjoy your life, enjoy every moment and make time for those you love and care about.


Day 4

DAY 4 of my new life
DAY 4 of the 100 day challenge and s%^t what a challenge it is.
Yesterday after chemo and so many drugs to help minimize the bad side effects of chemo I slept curled in a ball for my 12 hours of treatment or was sick. Haven’t kept anything down except crackers. Everything makes me sick. I felt so defeated to ask Cesar to push me back in a wheel chair last night. No #ArmoringUp. I was sick all night. Today I repeat the same chemo and same drugs. Can’t wait. Lol. The nurse says this chemo –Cytoxan –is so much more difficult than the one I had last round.

Every day won’t be like this but it does do a number on your mind. I hate not feeling myself. I’m used to pushing myself even after puking to go walk… Yesterday that didn’t happen. I was warned it likely won’t happen again. This is very intense chemo to suppress my immune system. Once I hit zero on my blood counts then I’ll start growth factor shots (daily in my stomach) to make my counts come back. So much more to share. I think this is plenty for today. I’ll be strong again very soon.

Thanks for the prayers.
Please #ArmorUp for me.